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"Heavy Magnolias" Is On Its Way! 

Hello listeners!

The first day of recording "Heavy Magnolias" is in the books!

We are beyond excited to record at Asheville's Echo Mountain Recording Studio this week!

Here are a few photos of Day 1, which focused on acoustic guitar, drums, pedal steel, upright bass, vocals, and a few harmonies. Gotta say that the musicians I get to work with are amazing!


Rachel is an amazing harmony vocalist! She also makes me laugh. Thanks for making "Knoxville" gorgeous, Rachel!












James makes sure that everything in percussion land is going well. Drums needed to be tuned and adjusted a LOT. There is so much that could go wrong, but luckily James is a professional!










Above, Jackson makes sure the pedal steel is sounding sweet and soulful.

Below, sound engineer Julian adjusts something technical and fancy.... no idea what!








Don't become a sound engineer unless you're good at organizing things. This makes our heads spin.










So glad to have all of these musicians in the studio! This is Aubrey, one half of The Clydes, amazing upright bassist and awesome friend.





















Thanks for following our progress! More to come!



You did it! (And one last video for the road!) 

Dear backers, listeners, friends, family, and fans, 


Thanks to you, "Heavy Magnolias" is going to happen! 

Your generous support and kind words have sustained this campaign and encouraged me deeply as an artist. 

At the most practical level, here's what you can expect next: Your pledge will go through sometime in the next 2 weeks. And, if there are any issues with your pledge, or if anything needs to be changed, please do not hesitate to let me know (my email address is H (dot) Kaminer (at) Gmail. 

You will continue to get email updates on the project as it goes forward. I will begin scheduling time with my band in the studio, planning a timeline of the record's creation, and meeting with my team (producer, manager, and even a publicist). The goal is to release the record before the end of 2017! 

I am so thankful for your support. I am floored, flabbergasted, and flummoxed. And oh so grateful. 

Here is a recent video of a song I wrote about the people and the city I love: "Bring Me to Life" (City Song). Hope you enjoy it. 

Happy Wednesday!  

Love and gratitude,  



Almost. There. 4 Days Left! 

Hello friends and listeners,

We are almost there!! There are 4 days left on the Kickstarter campaign for "Heavy Magnolias" -- and we have reached 84%, or $10,453. Wow! 

Guess what happens if and when we make 100%? It recording a full-length album! paying musicians to come into the studio to bring these words and arrangements to life! getting to work with the wonderful Julian Dreyer at Echo Mountain Studios pushing Hannah Kaminer to take the next giant step as an artist. (Maybe she shouldn't write in the 3rd person?) 

Heavy Magnolias. Impossible Things. City Song. Don't Open Your Heart. Knoxville. Five of the songs that you are helping bring to life!

SO MANY of you have already jumped into this wild and creative venture with me. Thank you. Thanks for saying YES. (Really, you hollered YES. Right in my ear. I heard you.) 

As we come down the homestretch, don't forget to share the campaign, especially with texts and emails with people you know would love to support a homegrown songwriter who is reaching for the next level. Will you help me with that, by sharing my Kickstarter page with others? 

Thank you for already being the best listeners ever. 


Kickstarter Update: 1/3rd of the way there! 

Dear listeners and friends, 

I'm excited to report that today we are at 1/3rd of our total Kickstarter goal! 

Thank you so much for coming alongside me as an artist, to support "Heavy Magnolias"! 

Every time you pre-order an album from an artist, you enable him or her to continue writing, creating, and producing art. It means the world! 

Also: There is a really cool new backer reward called "Behind the Scenes" -- check it out here. 

Don't forget: 

One of the best ways you can support the making of this new album is by coming to my show at the Altamont Theatre on May 19. I am super excited about this show -- because I get to play with some of my favorite musicians in the world! And because the amazing songwriter Krista Shows will be opening the show -- she is a Mississippi treasure not to be missed. Tickets are available here

Wishing you a lovely spring full of flowers but free of allergies, 


Come Create "Heavy Magnolias" - A New Album in the Works! 

Hello good listeners!!! 

I'll keep this short and sweet: My Kickstarter page is now live! 

Come support the making of the album "Heavy Magnolias" -- and make sure to check out the exciting and unconventional backer rewards! 

Let's grow something beautiful together -- let's plant some seeds and get these new songs into the studio! 

Much love and happy springtime, 


Click here for the Kickstarter page

New Video: "Heavy Magnolias" 

Announcing the release of a new video for the song "Heavy Magnolias" -- a sneak preview of the album I have been writing and working on this year. 

In other news: Keep an eye out for my #Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on May 1!

Let's bring these songs to life! 

KickStarter Goal Reached! 

Dear friends, family, and sweet listeners,

I am thrilled to report that we have reached the goal to make this album!

THANK YOU for your generous support. This could not happen without you.

I have already begun to rehearse with a few of the musicians who are going to be playing on the album, and I can't tell you how excited we are to hear these songs coming together in sweet harmony!

A couple of things you need to know:

1) The campaign isn't actually finished until it reaches its 30-day mark. This project will conclude its funding stage on July 10th. Your pledge will not come through as funding until then.

2) I will keep posting updates through KickStarter, but the best way to stay updated on my progress is to follow my mailing list on my website (enter your email under "Connect") and "like" my page on Facebook.

3) Lots of people have been asking me, "What happens if you go over your goal?" Answer: It all goes to music. If there is a significant increase over the goal, we will be able to record more songs on the album. A slighter increase over the goal means that you could receive a more beautiful/finished product, such as album liner notes with complete lyrics to my songs.

4) Finally, there are THREE Asheville opportunities to hear me play in the next two weeks.

  • This Saturday, July 5, at the Mothlight in West Asheville. Brian Claflin (lead guitar, harmonies) and Nate Spencer (mandolin, harmonies) will join me in opening for Matt Townsend's CD release show. Matt is getting some great reviews on his classic folk style - you won't want to miss him with his full band.
  • Next Saturday, July 12, House Concert at Rivendell. Sweet musical collaborations from several songwriters + potluck feasting in a gorgeous setting in Candler, NC. Make sure to RSVP.
  • Tuesday, July 15, 7-9pm, Jack of the Wood (downtown Asheville) presents "Singer-Songwriters in the Round."

Thank you for your generous support, your shoulders to lean on, and your belief in this project.